Private Credit Specialists

Over the past decade, RMWC’s investment team has successfully designed and executed private credit strategies matched to evolving market realities. We seek to generate compelling returns while protecting capital throughout the credit cycle by disciplined risk management.

Our Investment Team works collaboratively and with select investment partners to identify and develop differentiated private credit and event-driven opportunities.

RMWC is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

We Are

Led by Chief Investment Officer and Chief Executive Officer, Coleman Andrews, a Co-Founding Partner of Bain Capital, RMWC’s investment team offers significant experience in private credit investing. Our founding investment team has worked together on hundreds of discrete transactions since inception, sharing a core belief that rigorous, disciplined underwriting is essential to investment success.  We have funded more than 450+ loans over the past ~8 years, with no realized losses.

We believe our investors derive benefit from our culture carefully built to generate superior risk and return performance, our smaller scale, and our independent ownership. At the same time, our investment advisory resources and investment processes rival those of substantially larger firms.

Our agility in approaching transactions serves our investors well, as nimbleness, speed or certainty of transaction, and structuring flexibility are particularly valued and preferred by our borrowing partners in the private credit, direct lending segment.

We pride ourselves on our culture of humility, collaboration characterized by open, honest, and direct communication, and a zeal for constant learning and evolution. This spirit of collaboration extends to our network of key advisors, industry professionals and partners, who collectively provide expansive access to investing opportunities.
Ingrained from Coleman’s years and training at Bain Capital, a pre-eminent private equity firm, and at Bain & Company, a global distinguished consulting firm, our commitment to due diligence and analysis permeates all aspects of how we approach our business.

In credit, sound underwriting is always of primary importance. We never lose sight of the crucial underwriting question: “Whatever happens, how do we get our principal back?” Performance differences between sound underwriters and mediocre ones are oftentimes dramatic over the course of a credit cycle. We are known for relentless effort when it comes to data gathering, analysis, leveraging our networks to mine additional insights, and mapping out downside scenarios.

We are wired to do many things with few partners rather than few things with many partners. We seek partners looking to grow with us and develop meaningful relationships over the long term. 20% of Firm AUM is owner and principal capital, aligning the interests of the General Partner with that of our clients.

Strategic Thinkers

We believe senior, performing, short-term credit backed by an abundance of hard collateral can provide attractive risk-mitigated returns in a post- Zero Interest Rate Policy environment as rates normalize or when credit markets experience the likely shocks and surprises along the way.

Why this sector? Why now?

A mix of regulatory changes and market reactions have intersected to create opportunities where certain segments of private credit can provide investors with effective protection against the punishing effects of rising interest rates. These same segments can also deliver diversification benefits bundled with attractive risk/return metrics.

Our Perspectives

Our Perspectives

  • Private Credit at This Stage of the Cycle

    RMWC CEO & Chief Investment Officer Coleman Andrews and global news anchor Michelle Makori discuss Private Credit opportunities—what to look for and what to avoid—at this stage of the credit cycle.

    This video is confidential and intended solely for the viewer. It is neither an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy, interests in any specific security. No part of this video may be reproduced or distributed without the prior written consent of RMWC.

    Past performance is not indicative of future results. The performance discussed in the video is historical and any future performance will be impact by market factors, which are beyond the control of RMWC, as well as investment-specific factors. There is no guarantee that RMWC will be able to find investments in the future that will provide similar results to the historical performance obtained by RMWC. In no circumstances should RMWC’s discussion of historical performance be regarded as a representation, warranty or prediction that future clients will receive any particular performance, or that RMWC’s investment strategy will achieve or is likely to achieve any particular result, or that clients will be able to avoid losses, including total losses of their investment. RMWC is not providing tax advice and each investor should consult with their own tax professionals regarding the impact the REIT structure might have on their own specific circumstances. Tax regulations may change and are outside the control of RMWC.

    Information herein is believed to be accurate; however, RMWC does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein.

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And Collaborators

Our organizational culture supports dynamic team collaboration and efficient decision-making. We encourage each other to challenge ideas, and value varying viewpoints with a shared goal to yield optimal results.  Since our Firm’s founding in 2008, our two key investment principals have worked together on every one of the loan transactions that we have initiated in the direct lending arena.

  • Coleman Andrews

    CEO & Chief Investment Officer

    Coleman is the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of RMWC, managing strategies primarily in private credit markets. RMWC’s strategies benefit from Coleman’s unique, diverse experience at Bain Capital and Bain & Company, his prior experience as CEO of two global companies, his proprietary investment research over three decades, and his experiences and observations gained through several different economic and market cycles.


  • Michael Rubenstein

    Managing Director, Director of Investments

    Michael joined RMWC at the Firm’s inception in 2008 and serves as the Firm’s Director of Investments. He is responsible for investment sourcing, due diligence and reporting, and is a member of RMWC’s Investment Committee with significant involvement in all investment and portfolio construction decisions. Michael collaborated with Coleman Andrews to develop proprietary research techniques and build RMWC’s research advisory capability.


  • Josh Kariya

    Senior Credit Analyst

    Josh joined the RMWC team in 2018 as Senior Portfolio and Credit Analyst, supporting the firm’s investment and finance teams in quantitative analysis related to investment activities and operations. Prior to joining RMWC, Josh worked at Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators (DMBA) as an investment analyst in the firm’s multi-billion dollar pension portfolio, which provides benefits to the worldwide...


  • Nate Clemensen

    Chief Compliance Officer | Managing Director, Director of Finance and Operations

    Nate joined the RMWC team in June of 2013. He serves as the Director of Finance and Operations, responsible for operations, finance and infrastructure, and is also the Chief Compliance Officer.


  • Rachel Markus

    Managing Director, Director of Business Development

    Rachel joined the RMWC team in October of 2014. She serves as the firm’s Director of Business Development, responsible for sales and marketing.


RMWC’s differentiated approach to credit investing is designed to provide
yield replacement, current income, strong downside protection, and diversification.

Focused on Credit Opportunities

RMWC has a focused, differentiated approach to yield replacement, investing primarily in short-term, first lien, low loan-to-value Secured Bridge Loans to seasoned real estate equity sponsors.

This is not “drive-by investing”. We focus our effort where we can convert effective research effort into proprietary insight; and where our enhanced capabilities to understand complexity may provide an edge for capturing potential returns.

Separately, we invest in other smaller private credit sectors, primarily concentrated on strategies where risk-adjusted returns may be substantially higher than in larger, traditional fixed income sectors. These allocations are adjusted opportunistically over the life of the credit cycle.

We leverage the infrastructure honed over the past 10+ years for originating, underwriting, investing in, monitoring, and harvesting differentiated credit and event-driven opportunities.

Loan Programs


Since 2011, RMWC has participated in more than 400 transactions for borrowers seeking short-term, secured bridge loans, typically on operating real estate properties. Borrowers value RMWC’s goal of providing speed of decision-making and reliability in closing.





Typical Terms & Conditions:




  • Loan Size Up to $25 Million
  • Low Loan-to-Value Up to 65% of assessed value
  • Loan-to-Cost Up to 80% of cost
  • Term Up to 24 months
  • Collateral Real estate properties including:
    • Multi-family
    • Mixed Use
    • Residential
    • Land




RMWC loans in most major metropolitan areas in the United States.


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